Friday, 1 May 2009

1/5/09 Media Classwork Homework.

Textual Analusis - Moving image texts.
Starter: Make a list of all the different things that can be represented in televison drama. For example:
Task 2: What do the images on the board represent . E.g What do they want you to describe these people as, what do these images show? (See Board Source).
*Teenage pregnany
In what way are teenagers represented in this trailer? (
How are these representations constructed?
Music > Loud > Fast > Paced
Setting > Pub
Do you think the representations are realistic? Are they stereotypical? Are they positive or negative.
Like most stereotypes these images are pretty violent and sexual , now every place you go every culture every race even every gender there will be a vast majority of those who will break the rules and not do as theyre supposed to but thats life. This trailer is pretty over exadurated but then also pretty realistic when you think about the rough areas of the world.
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